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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Ambleside Farm. 

Ambleside is a family operation.  We began officially “gardening” in 2004 selling at farmer’s markets in Monticello, Dyersville and Dubuque.  I say officially, because my family has always raised some of our own food. 

Most of the vegetables are grown on my parents farm, three miles from the Temple Hill Road address.  We have  two unheated greenhouses and a heated germinating building.  My dad starts all of the seeds and gets the transplants garden or greenhouse ready.  It takes a farmer to get all excited about germinating seeds!  My mom helps with the weeding and harvesting. 

We specialize in heirloom tomatoes and many open pollinated vegetables.  We feel it is important to sustain these seed varieties, and help support Seed Savers of Decorah, Iowa.  We also grow hybrids when heirloom or open pollinated varieties are not available or subordinate. 

Our farm is not organic approved, but we utilize organic principles and believe in sustaining our rich soil.  We compost all vegetable scraps and plants along with horse manure.  We also enrich our soil with green cover crops, alfalfa meal, crop rotation and hay mulching to prevent excess tilling. 

This year the majority of the garden area was covered with hay and transplants were dug in.  There was no spring tilling, and the soil is staying moist and soft.   This should help eliminate weeds and reduce the need for manual watering and of course keep the worms healthy and happy!